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  • Hunter Walk

    Hunter Walk

    You’ll find me @homebrew , Seed Stage Venture Fund w @satyap . Previously made products at YouTube, Google & SecondLife. Married to @cbarlerin .

  • Dean Wampler

    Dean Wampler

    The person who’s wrong on the Internet. ML, AI, & FP supplicant at Domino Data Lab. Formerly at Anyscale and Lightbend. Speaker, Lover, O’Reilly author.

  • DroneSeed


    We plant trees with drone swarms & spray to protect them. We work with 3 of the largest foresters in the US. Founder/CEO, Grant Canary, talks startups w/others.

  • Peter Leyden

    Peter Leyden

    Always figuring out the future. Now Host of the Civilization Salons at The Long Now & Senior Fellow for Strategic Foresight at Autodesk. See: PeterLeyden.com

  • Arc Digital

    Arc Digital

    Arc Digital’s editorial board consists of editor in chief Berny Belvedere and senior editor Nicholas Grossman.

  • Gonzalo Espinoza Graham

    Gonzalo Espinoza Graham

    I was born in a developing country, in the awkward years between millennials and Gen-Z. Thus I am obsessed with generational shifts and the developing world.

  • Scott Galloway

    Scott Galloway

    Prof Marketing @NYUStern · Founder @L2_digital @redenvelope @prophetBrand · Contributor @bloombergtv · Cohost Pivot podcast · Weekly musings profgalloway.com

  • Lessig


    law professor, activist.

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